Erin Elissa


10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast After Having a Baby

If you’re anxious to lose weight fast after having a baby, keep reading. I’ll give you my best tips to shed the baby weight. It’s very common for women to retain some weight after having a baby. And it can be overwhelming taking care of your baby and trying to lose weight at the same time. Frozen foods, pre-packaged snacks, and takeout help take away some of the stresses of being a new mom. And maybe you’re drinking soda, sugary energy drinks, or creamy coffees to  ...

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How to Repair Bleach Damaged Hair at Home

Bleach damaged hair may seem like your worst nightmare come true. Girl, I feel you! I have been coloring and bleaching my own hair since I was in 7th grade. That was many moons ago. And I typically change the color of my hair color every six months or so. So, I know a thing or two about bleach  ...

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How to Stop Being the Angry Mom

Just over six years ago, we were blessed with a healthy little girl. She was perfect in every single way. Sounding cliche already, huh? Well, let me dig a little deeper. Our first daughter was brought into the world via emergency c-section after 36 hours of pitocin labor. Those 36 hours were  ...

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