25+ Fall Hygge Ideas to Add Serenity to Your Life

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If you love cozy fall days and general comfort of autumn, try out some of these fall hygge ideas.

25+ Fall Hygge Ideas to Add Serenity to Your Life

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Fall is my favorite season.

In the winter I crave summer, and in the summer I crave fall. But during our short run with fall here in Montana, I wish time would stop and last forever.

There is something incredibly heartwarming and comfortable about a crisp overcast day with a light breeze. It makes even those afraid of the kitchen want to bake and those who despise close contact want to cuddle.

It’s scary movies and heavy blankets. And the sound of leaves beneath boots paired with your most comfortable black leggings. It’s the stark contrast of the colorful trees against the gray sky. It’s the smell of cinnamon-something that takes you back to your adolescence.

Fall is in its entirety radiates with hygge.

Ok, so what in the heck is hygge?

Hygge, pronounced hoo-gah is a Danish word without a proper English translation. Here’s is a short and sweet, loose translation.

“The feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life.”

Country Living

So every time you have ever cozied up under a soft blanket and watched the snowfall or spent a morning reading a good book with a cup of coffee at your side, you have unknowingly experienced hygge.

So, now, think back on those moments of comfort and simple happiness. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to recreate those moments and be able to experience hygge all autumn long?

As I settle down for the cooler season, I am working to declutter my life, reduce stress, and be more mindful of my time with myself and loved ones. And as I bring more daily hygge into my life, I would like to share some fabulous fall hygge ideas with you as well.

Remember, hygge isn’t about what you have but how you use your time and what you have to be mindful and comfortable. As phrased so wonderfully by Laura Byager, a Dane living in London, “Hygge, to me, has never been something you could buy.”

What Is and Isn’t Hygge?

Before I became super interested in Hygge, I figured curling up on the couch in my favorite leggings and playing a game on my iPad was pretty dang hygge.

But, hygge is old school.

Think before smartphones, tablets, computer and console games, and Netflix. I know there are some people gasping to catch their breath, so I’ll give you a pause, AKA a break in paragraph to regroup.

So many of us are addicted to our cell phones and technology without even realizing how much of our days are spent staring at a screen.

And it’s been proven that cell phones are causing us to be more stressed out. The American Psychological Association did a survey in 2016 which concluded that people who check their phones/social media often report more stress than those who aren’t on devices as often.

So no, being on your phone or playing digital games is not considered hygge.

Buying new things to fit in or be part of the in-crowd is also not hygge. Just because your girlfriend has a pair of $120 Lululemon leggings that she swears are super comfortable and spams her Instagram with doesn’t mean you need to buy them. I guarantee your $15 leggings are equally as comfortable and will make you just as happy. **This is coming from the girl who bought Lululemon to be ‘cool’, just last year.

Rushing around is not hygge. Instead, on your walk home from the store or your child’s school, walk slower. Enjoy the fresh air and the light breeze. Your to-do list will still be there tomorrow if you need a break today.

But You Want to Know What is Hygge?

You know the feeling you get when you hug someone you love and you’re in no rush to end it? That’s hygge. It’s a feeling of warmth, comfort, and closeness.

Danes often describe things or activities as being hyggelig (hoo-gah-lee). For example, “having coffee with you the other day was hyggelig. And guess what? They even have a fitting word for your favorite sweats that you wouldn’t wear to the grocery store, hyggebusker.

Hygge is a very broad term that has no direct translation to English. It’s a part of the Danish culture and that cannot be translated into a single sentence. And there’s not really a right or wrong to hygge.

If it brings you comfort, relaxation, companionship, and simplicity, it’s hygge. Therefore, you probably already have your own list of what is hygge to you.

The two things I have gathered from my research is this. Let go of the rigid rules and give yourself space to breathe and enjoy the present.

And, if a product is marketed at you as ‘hygge’ it’s likely not. Hygge cannot be bought and typically the items marketed as such are overpriced. The Hygge Blanket at Macy’s and the plain old blanket in the top of your closet will provide the same sense of comfort.

I’m not judging you for buying another blanket. You cannot have too many blankets. But, what I am saying is that if the label includes the word Hygge and price tag reflects that of a high-end boutique, they’re playing you. Don’t fall for that BS.

Fall Hygge Ideas for the Coziest Season Ever

Fall Hygge Ideas for a Comfy Cozy Season

1). Let a pot of chili simmer on the stove and invite some friends/family over to share with.

2). Light your favorite candle or turn on Scentsy Warmer with a warm bakery scented bar.

3). Bake your favorite fall dessert. Or try these amazing Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls.

4). Write a daily dose of gratitude white sipping warm chai tea.

5). Have a bonfire with friends.

6). Put together a jigsaw puzzle.

7). Read the book that you have been meaning to read for months.

8). Take a bath with a heavenly bath bomb and a glass of wine or cider.

9). Drag out a musical instrument and play something.

10). Make a bed on the floor out of blankets and watch a classic Hallmark movie… or a slasher film

11). Avoid the dishes in the sink for now and slip out onto the patio to sit and flip through a magazine in your flannel pajamas and slippers.

12). Go for a walk on a trail you haven’t been to before.

13). Start a knitting or crochet project for a loved one.

14). Make homemade apple cider.

15). Have a board game night with light music, friends, and finger foods.

16). Close the curtains and take a nap under a cozy blanket.

17.) Spend an afternoon coloring.

18). Go to a bookstore and wander around reading book summaries and drinking coffee or tea.

19). Have soup and sandwiches after a chilly day outdoors.

20). Have a full-day movie marathon, never changing out of your pajamas.

21). Go search for pinecones and then have a fall craft night making these Ombre Painted Pinecones.

22). Decorate your porch with an array of pumpkins and other fall decor.

23). Stroll through your local garden center and pick out a new indoor or outdoor plant.

24). Go to a pumpkin patch.

25). Enjoy a day at a hay or corn maze.

26). Bake a pie and take it to your local fire department or a police station.

27). Window shop in your local hometown stores.

28). Have breakfast in bed.

Bringing Hygge to Your Life Year-Round

We’ve covered fall, but what other hygge ideas can you think of to extend it into the other season throughout the year?

I’m working on two things to bring more warmth and simplistic joy to my life on a regular basis:

  • Reducing Screen Time. I normally wake up and grab my phone right away to browse Facebook, Instagram, and check my email. It’s such a habit that the first day I decided to make the change I almost failed. So, in my bullet journal, I have added a slot to my habit tracker for not being on my phone before 8:30. Less screen time means more time for books and drawing and work in the morning.
  • Creating a Comfortable Home. I work here. I live here. And I don’t too often leave here. So, having a place of comfort and joy is crucial to not burning out and becoming unhappy with my environment. I now often dim the lights and turn on a couple of my wax warmers to give a soothing glow and a cozy aroma to my home. Also, I’ve added blankets to the backs of sofas and starting keeping a candle burning most of the day.

For the Danes, hygge is ingrained into their culture. Probably one of the reasons Denmark is often at the top of the list for happiest countries. But for people in other countries, like America, hygge is a practice we must work on.

Our society tells us to ‘hustle hard’, ‘never stop’, and pushes the rushed-life. Adopting new ways of living is hard because it goes against the grain of everything else that is thrown at us.

However, I highly suggest everyone give these fall hygge ideas a try this year. There’s a good reason Danes are so happy. They take joy in the simple things and don’t spend as much time worrying or seeing things negatively.

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25+ Fall Hygge Ideas to Add Serenity to your life