How to Start a Yoga Practice at Home with Zero Experience

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How to Start a Yoga Practice at Home with No Experience

Having a yoga practice at home is the most affordable therapy and self-care you can provide yourself. I firmly believe every single body on planet Earth could benefit from yoga.

It’s all-inclusive, meaning anyone at any fitness level, any age, and any gender can do it. Of course, there are different styles of yoga; some of which are more demanding. But, there are plenty of gentle, beginner-friendly yoga flows that anyone can do.

I have had a home yoga practice for over two years now, and the progress I have made physically and mentally still astonish me.

And guess what? I’ve never been to a single yoga class in my entire life… except like one at 5am in college. I quit after that first morning of waking up at 4am.

And that’s the beauty of starting a yoga practice at home. You can do it anytime, without any makeup on, in your torn yoga pants and a milk-stained t-shirt. No one is going to care. Plus, you’re going to save an ass-load of money.

Most people I talk to about starting a yoga practice at home tell me they can’t do it because they have no experience or they don’t know the first thing about yoga.

Again, I’m going to make you guess!

Guess what?

I didn’t have any experience. None! I was wingin it from day one. And to this day, most of my practice is still just me wingin it and going with what feels good.

But, with so many technological advances and online streaming services, it’s easier now to start a yoga practice at home than ever before. You don’t need a $25 yoga class at a studio to learn from a professional.

I’m going to share my top beginner yoga resources that I have used to establish and maintain my home based yoga practice.

Equipment Needed to Start a Yoga Practice at Home

You don’t need anything except your body and an open mind to start your own home based yoga practice. But, there are many tools that will help you get started and feel comfortable.

Having a thick, non-slip yoga mat is essential. This is your space, and as you do yoga more frequently and make it a routine, you will mentally associate your mat with relaxation and joy.

Other tools that you may want to have on hand are yoga blocks, a yoga strap, and a bolster. Each of these items helps to support you in different poses when you are just beginning your yoga journey.

Until your flexibility increases, you may find yourself using these tools every day. And I highly encourage you to do so. You shouldn’t be pushing your body past it’s limits just to try and hold a pose. So, use support and allow your body to melt into poses over time, instead of forcing it.

Beginner Friendly Yoga Videos You Can Do At Home


YouTube was how I started my at home yoga practice. I regularly did flows with different creators. And eventually, I found a few that I really liked and felt comfortable with.

Yoga with Adrienne is probably one of the best YouTube Channels for those just starting yoga. She has over 450 videos including lots of short 10-15 minute flows and many longer 45+ minute flows.

Almost every month, Adrienne hosts a new 30ish-day yoga journey. Tune in each day for a new flow.

Adrienne has a soft, kind voice and she explains different poses, shows modifiers, and guides you through the flow in a way that feels comfortable and not intimidating.

Flow With Adee was one of my go-to channels for a long time while I was working on overall flexibility and splits training. She has multiple playlists dedicated specifically to stretching for splits. But she also has a 30-day beginner yoga series and more pose specific instructional videos.

Subscription Yoga Streaming Services

Yoga Streaming Services to help you start a yoga practice at home with no experience

AloMoves is a subscription yoga streaming services with hundreds of classes taught by some of the best yoga instructors in the world. I have been a member since December 2018, and have never been happier with a monthly subscription service.

With hundreds of classes to take, your options for learning are endless. You can filter their online yoga classes by difficulty, intensity, style of practice, instructor, and length of the class. You can also download the videos for offline practice so you can do yoga no matter where in the world you are.

So no matter if you only have 15 minutes or are looking to get in a full 90-minute practice, there is something for everyone.

I took Dylan Werner’s Quest for the Press class and actually learned how to press handstand in less than 30 days. Another class I have returned to time and time again is Ashley Galvin’s Pure Flexibility.

Overall, the $20-per-month subscription has proven to be one of my most beneficial yoga tools. Because, even though I am no longer a beginner and can flow on my own, the service offers so many opportunities for progression.

YogiApproved Classes yoga streaming service to start a yoga practice at home with little to no experience

YogiApproved Classes is another online streaming service that cost half the price of AloMoves and is perfect for those wishing to start a yoga practice at home. They have thousands of yoga videos including vinyasa, toning and strengthening, barre, Ashtanga, and much more.

Like AloMoves, you can filter the classes by level of difficulty, instructor, and type of practice. The classes, on average range from 20-60 minutes and are taught by incredible and insightful instructors.

High End Yoga Apparel on a Budget

I’m the first to admit that I’m a sucker for name brand yoga apparel from brands like Lululemon and Alo. But, most of the time, shelling out $100+ for a pair of leggings isn’t in my budget.

So, my love of yoga pants and apparel has taken me on a journey to find quality leggings and more on a budget.

One of my favorite places to check for leggings is Zulily. They typically have high-end brands that are made of quality material marked down to $20-$30.

Amazon also has some comparable brands at a fraction of the cost. 90 Degrees by Reflex offers quality like Lululemon, but for about 1/4 of the price. The have legging styles that are high-waisted (hello, other moms) and some that have side pockets (hello, functionality).

The other brand I swear by is Queenie Ke! First off, their leggings are adorable and come in a wide array of colors. Much like 90 Degrees by Reflex, they offer high-waisted styles, pockets, mesh cut-outs, and capri leggings.

Honestly, you don’t need to buy any of the above. What matters is that you are comfortable and feel confident while you are flowing through your yoga practice. And sometimes having the right clothes can make all the difference.

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