Erin Elissa


11 Life-Changing Healthy Relationship Tips

In a modern world with Tinder and Bumble available at our fingertips, love and relationships have changed. The value of a healthy relationship is often overlooked because technology encourages us to swipe right and jump in head first. Personally, I never had the joy, or from listening to my friends, horror, of partaking in online dating. But, I have been in a less than healthy relationship. But, as a married millennial woman who regularly does impromptu relationship counselling for her  ...

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How to Stop Being the Angry Mom

Just over six years ago, we were blessed with a healthy little girl. She was perfect in every single way. Sounding cliche already, huh? Well, let me dig a little deeper. Our first daughter was brought into the world via emergency c-section after 36 hours of pitocin labor. Those 36 hours were  ...

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